Our History

Fowler Dental Clinic (FDC) initially opened in 2009 as a pediatric dental clinic to provide much-needed dental care to low-income area children. FDC operated on a limited basis, as the clinic was primarily volunteer-driven.

2021: Fowler Dental Clinic expanded our eligibility requirements- we now serve individuals of all ages that reside in Green or Lafayette counties, Wisconsin, that have ForwardHealth insurance. We also expanded our hours and are open Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM by appointment.

2020: The COVID-19 pandemic prompted us to close our doors from March to September 2020 as a public safety measure. While this closure was unfortunate, it did allow us time to transition from volunteer staff to full-time staff.

2018- 2019: With the help and generosity of our sponsors, we moved to our current facility located at 411 22nd Avenue in Monroe, Wisconsin in 2018 (special thanks to Delta Dental of Wisconsin for making this possible).

Old Facilities

Current Facilities

2015-2017: Fowler Dental Clinic hosted Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) programming in 2015, 2016, and 2017, respectively. Our first GKAS provided over $8,000 in free dental care. Our 2016 and 2017 GKAS programs provided clinical care as well as oral health education programming to local elementary schools. In 2017, FDC developed our hospital- based dental rehabilitative program in collaboration with Monroe Hospital.

2011-2014: Fowler Dental Clinic provided oral screenings to a local Amish Community in collaboration with the Green County Health Department in 2013. In 2012, FDC began offering clinical externship opportunities to Blackhawk Technical College Dental Assisting program students. And in 2011, FDC provided dental examinations for the Early Head Start program.

2009-2010: Fowler Dental Clinic opened on April 3rd, 2009, and began providing care for children referred by Green County school nurses as well as the Green County WIC and Head Start programs.

FDC Board of Directors

  • Board Chairperson - Mike Sanders
  • Vice Chairperson- Bill Bethke
  • Treasurer - Walter Orzechowski
  • Secretary - Kriss Marion
  • Director of Dental Services - Julio Rodriguez, DDS, SC
  • Director - Adina Ness, DDS
  • Director - Mary Anne Oemichen, JD
  • Director - Sue Schwartz
  • Director- Chelsea Hardacre
  • Clinic Executive Director - Deb Douglas, RDH, BSDH

Mike Sanders

Board Chairperson

Mary Anne Oemichen 


Walter Orzechowski 


Bill Bethke

Vice Chairperson

Chelsea Hardacre


Deb Douglas 

Executive Director

Kriss Marion 


Adina Ness