Fowler Dental Clinic provides free dental care to financially eligible children ages 1 – 15 years of age living in Green County.  

Eligibility guidelines:

  • between 1 and 15 years old.
  • permanent address in Green & Lafayette Counties, Wisconsin.
  • Receives either:
    • Free or Reduced School Lunch
    • Wisconsin Forward Health / Medicaid coverage
  • No other dental insurance

Questions about registering your child?  Call 608.328.9404

Maintaining oral health is important to your overall health and is a daily habit that can be easily incorporated into your day.

  • Brush & floss every morning & night.
  • Floss once a day.
  • Limit snacking between meals.

2min2x –  Fun and interactive site for families!

Exam & Cleanings

It is generally recommended to have a routine dental exam and cleaning every 6 months.  A dentist may recommend these check-ups more or less frequently based on your specific needs.  These visits are very important because it helps to reduce bad, infectious bacteria that cause health problems not just in your mouth but your whole body!  It also helps catch problems when they are small and easier to fix!


Don’t we all wish we were Superman?  We’re not and we don’t have x-ray vision so we can’t see things (like cavities) between teeth.  Dental x-rays are generally recommended every 12 months to check for cavities.  Every 3 years an x-ray that shows all of your teeth and jaw bones is recommended to help catch problems we can’t see with our mortal vision.  Again, a dentist may make specific recommendations based on your needs.  Don’t worry, at the FDC we use something called ‘indirect digital imaging’, a fancy term that means you get less radiation than regular old film x-rays.


When you have a cavity, it keeps getting worse until you have a dentist put a filling in it.  Yes, we do fillings.

Root Canals

In cases when the cavity has gotten too deep and damaged the nerve of the tooth our dentists perform limited root canal treatments.  If the decay is too deep or too many teeth are decayed we refer the children to a pediatric dentist who is a specialist in treating children.

Caps, Crowns and Bridges

In some limited cases our dentists may provide a type of crown to cover a severely decayed or broken tooth.  We do not provide orthodontic or bridgework for children.

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