Article: Dane County’s Tooth Ache

You may have read the March 23 2017 Post Messenger article (attached) about Dane County’s “hidden epidemic” of untreated and under-treated dental pain.   If you haven’t, I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to read it.  This epidemic is not hidden to us here at the FDC, and it certainly isn’t limited to Dane County.  In Green County we experience the same need for access to dental care.  In some ways our local need is even greater because we don’t have the resources that a city like Madison does.  FDC has been monitoring the dental related ER visits and working with county departments and agencies for years.  THE GOOD NEWS  – We may be a small clinic but we are making a difference for our local kids.  Please, join us in helping Green County kids!

2017.03.23 Post Messenger Dental